Bookcase Ane

3625, 3626

Bookcase with four shelves. Built up from the back, with openwork sides. Top of the bookcase topped with a coronet. The frame below the coronet has a plait decor. At the edges of the frame there are decors in the form of flowers.


Finishes:natural oak (NO),
natural white oak (NWO),
natural white (PNW),
antique white light (AWL),
antique white dark (AWHD),
antique olive light (AOL),
antique olive dark (AOD)
Dimensions:3625: L: 75cm/29.5in, D: 45cm/17.7in, H: 205cm/80.7in
3626: L: 140cm/55.1in, D: 45cm/17.7in, H: 205cm/80.7in