Sofa Pina


The Chesterfield sofa is a classic model and an icon of the English style of furniture. The characteristic quilting and stitching on the backrest give the sofa a radiance of elegance and stylishness. Important elements of the finish are the high-quality velour material and the upholstery welts on the seat cushions. This is the sofa where appearance, convenience and functionality are enclosed in one piece of furniture. The comfortable seat is made of wave spring and foam, while the backrest consists of upholstery belts and foam.

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Materials:wood, fabric
Finishes:natural American walnut (NWA),
natural oak (NO),
chocolate oak gloos (COG),
chocolate oak mat (COM),
black (PB)
Dimensions:L: 212cm/83.5in, D: 95cm/37.4in, H: 88cm/34.6in