Sofa Aerie

6010, 6011

An elegant sofa in the form of a decorative bench. The unique, decorative frame of the backrest, made of bent, natural walnut wood, makes the sofa present itself beautifully from every angle. The Aerie sofa, on the one hand looks delicate and light, and on the other hand, it is eye-catching as a distinctive interior design element. Ideal for people looking for an original and unique-class furniture, made of the highest quality materials. The extraordinary sofa is complemented with comfortable, upholstered backrest pillows, filled with feathers and silicone balls, as well as seats made of foam and upholstery belts.

The Aerie armchair has been designed in the same style which is the perfect complement to the sofa.

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Materials:wood, fabric
Finishes: natural American walnut (NWA),
natural oak (NO),
natural white oak (NWO),
natural oak mat (NOM),
sepia night gloss (SNG)
Dimensions:6010: L: 158cm/62.2in, D: 77cm/30.3in, H: 77cm/30.3in
6011: L: 196cm/77.2in, D: 77cm/30.3in, H: 77cm/30.3in