Sofa Nefre

3350, 3351, 3352, 3353, 3354, 3355, 3356

Very comfortable modular sofa, allowing for configuration to individual needs. Ideally suited to livingrooms of people, who value the comfort and spaciousness.

The sofa, in addition to the modules connected with each other, has the option of ordering a wide seat, which has specially designed tray, transforming the seat into a coffee table.

The Nefre sofa is made of high quality materials - soft velour and plinths made of natural walnut wood. The back cushions are filled with feathers.

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Design: Agnieszka Glaza-Joachimowska


Materials: wood, fabric
Finishes:natural American walnut (NWA),
natural oak (NO)
Dimensions: 3350/3355: L: 88cm/34.6in, D: 146cm/57.5in, H: 74cm/29.1in
3351/3356: L: 88cm/34.6in, D: 88cm/34.6in, H: 74cm/29.1in
3352: L: 80cm/31.5in, D: 88cm/34.6in, H: 74cm/29.1in
3353: L: 80cm/31.5in, D: 60cm/23.6in, H: 43cm/16.9in
3354: L: 88cm/34.6in, D: 88cm/34.6in, H: 74cm/29.1in