Sofa Weimar

3920, 3921

Stylish sofa referring to the modernist Bauhaus. A characteristic feature is a simple, geometric form and chrome elements of the base. The whole is made of high quality materials.

Backrest filling consists of upholstery belts and foam, while the seat is filled with wave springs and foam.

The sofa has two versions of the backrest - a uniform or divided into three backrest cushions.

There are two options of the Weimar sofa - with (3920) or without back cushions (3921).

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Materials: metal, fabric
Finishes:chrome steel (FE)
Dimensions:3920: L: 245cm/96.5in, D: 99cm/39in, H: 100cm/39in
3921: L: 224cm/88.2in, D: 90cm/35.4in, H: 82cm/32.3in