Bookcase Amaranth

7100, 7101, 7102

Open solid wood bookcase with four shelves.

The asymmetrical division of the bookcase gives it character, and the concept of openwork construction makes the bookcase also looks great as a free-standing piece of furniture.

Simple and at the same time original form of the furniture, characterized by rounded edges and smooth surfaces.

It is perfect for modern interiors for people who value furniture made of natural, high quality wood.

Finishes:natural American walnut (NWA),
natural oak (NO),
natural white oak (NWO),
natural oak mat (NOM)
Dimensions:7100: L: 90cm/35.4in, D: 45cm/17.7in, H: 190cm/74.8in
7101: L: 120cm/47.2in, D:45cm/17.7in, H: 190cm/74.8in
7102: L: 150cm/59in, D: 45cm/17.7in, H: 190cm/74.8in