Console Amaranth

7083, 7084, 7086

Rectangular console with solid, slightly oblique, conical legs.

Top is available in two options: marble or wooden.

Functional inside consisting of three drawers. Ergonomic handle from the inside allow full explosure of the wood front of the console. 

Simple and at the same time original form of the furniture, characterized by rounded edges and smooth surfaces.

It is ideal for modern interiors for people who value furniture made of natural, high quality wood.

Materials: wood, marble (optional)
Finishes:natural American walnut (NWA),
natural oak (NO),
natural white oak (NWO),
natural oak mat (NOM)
Dimensions:7083: L: 140cm/55.1in, D: 35cm/13.8in, H: 90cm/35.4in
7084: L: 160cm/63in, D: 35cm/13.8in, H: 90cm/35.4in

7086: L: 160cm/63in, D: 35cm/13.8in, H: 60cm/23.6in