Table Amaranth (extandable)

7150, 7151, 7152

Scandinavian style round, extandable dining table, made entirely of wood with solid, slightly oblique, conical legs.

Simple and at the same time original form of the furniture, characterized by rounded edges and smooth surfaces.

It is ideal for modern interiors for people who value furniture made of natural, high quality wood.

Materials: wood
Finishes:natural American walnut (NWA),
natural oak (NO),
natural white oak (NWO),
natural oak mat (NOM)
Dimensions:7150: Ø: 100+40cm/39.4+15.7in, H: 75cm/29.5in
7151: Ø: 120+50cm/47.2+19.7in, H: 75cm/29.5in
7152: Ø: 140+50cm/55.1+19.7in, H: 75cm/29.5in